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#92 – All vegan evening at traditional restaurant Guillaume, Bruges

Restaurant review #92 – Guillaume is a traditional restaurant in the city center of Bruges. It is just a 5 minute walk from ‘t Zand.
I had contacted Guillaume several times over the years to ask whether we could dine there (vegan menu), but always received a negative (albeit very polite and friendly) response. So I was quite surprised to see the anouncement last Summer of a ‘no meat no fish’ dinner evening announced. I asked whether the evening was vegan, and quickly got confirmation. Exciting!

front of restaurant Guillaume, Bruges

front of restaurant Guillaume, Bruges

It was a lovely Summer evening and we choose to be seated on the terrace in the back. It was quite a relaxed atmosphere, the restaurant cat came to check in on the terrace wall (although unfortunately she wasn’t allowed on the terrace itself). When it went dark one big umbrella covered the the whole terrace and brought a nice glow of reflecting light on the ceiling. Cosy. As we were outside all evening, we didn’t really get a feeling of the atmosphere inside, but it seemed quite charming as well.

terrace at the back of restaurant Guillaume, Bruges

terrace at the back of restaurant Guillaume, Bruges

hello kitty!

hello kitty!

This was our menu (for English see beneath the photos), 55€.

Menu, vegan evening Guillaume, Bruges

Menu, vegan evening Guillaume, Bruges

So this is what we had:

drinks at Guillaume, Bruges

drinks at Guillaume, Bruges, fresh juice 4,75€ and tonic 2,95€ (glass of sparkling water was also 2,95€). There were also vegan wines, see below)


Trio: red beet – tomato – orange


Carpaccio of watermelon, fennel, balsamico, avocado and mustard lettuce


Coconut bouillon, shiitakes, leeks, lemongrass, spring onions


zucchini spaghetti, strawberry sauce, cherry tomato, olives, tempeh


eggplant, mushrooms, tofu, enoki, sesame soy


sorbet pear, red cabbage, walnut


chicory, dates, risotto, seitan with chocolate


fig, grapefruit, sorbet


coffee with chocolates

Courses followed swiftly and each dish was very satisfying. There were some very surprising combinations, like tempeh with strawberries (which I didn’t fancy that much, but Jim liked it) and seitan with chocolate. That latter dish was a rather heavy dish to be served so late in the menu though.

All in all we had a lovely dinner. Great value for money (menu 55€). The vegan evening was organised with eye for detail, taking care of items that are often overlooked in traditional restaurants: vegan bread, vegan chocolates with the coffee, vegan winelist. The chef was advised by a vegan friend, so that also gave us a very reassuring feeling. Very friendly service too!
Only minor point was being served the bill in a caviar pot (it was of course – besides the bill – empty, but still …). Maybe next time use a pot of this vegan caviar 🙂

Unfortunately this was a one-off vegan evening, and a party of vegans still cannot make a reservation at Guillaume on other occasions. We do hope this vegan evening is the start of a new tradition, with many more vegan events to come, and maybe also some vegan additions to the standard menu!



Guillaume, location
Korte Lane 20
8000 Brugge / Bruges


See our lists of restaurants where vegans are welcome in the menu section of The Bruges vegan! List restaurants in Bruges and outside  Bruges.

Seelection of vegan wines for the evening

Selection of vegan wines for the evening

There are two toilets in the back of the restaurant, which were very clean. Love the individual towels to dry one’s hands.

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the bill came in a pot of caviar

the bill came in a pot of caviar


  1. hmunro says

    I am kicking myself so hard right now for having walked past that restaurant several times during my last visit, but not having stopped in! Rest assured that — thanks to your review — I won’t make that mistake again. Thank you so much, Trudi!

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